How to destroy object using Browser -> execute JavaScript

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  • Might as well turn those animations into video files.

    Wow! It is really great idea!) I definitely need to try this method) even if it does not work, thank you!

  • ST314 I use this plugin ... emory-3812

    It works like a charm and I can unload a ton of stuff that I don't need anymore when they are destroyed and saves a lot of image memory in my game. You can unload whatever you want with one single action. It is not free but I use it in all my projects so it is totally worth it.

    Thank you! But I know about this plugin. I have personal problems with payment (it's not a matter of price, it's about money transfer). Moreover, finding a solution to this problem gives me great experience, and if I find a solution to this problem I can put this plugin on forums or for an adequate price (Scirra created function to unload textures (Plugin/Sprite/runtime.js :202 typeProto.unloadTextures = function ()) and I need only to call this function correctly)

    P.S I don't want to conflict with author of this plugin, I'm sure that he is an excellent programmer and a man, but $20 for such a simple plug-in is a lot

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  • I've recently created this idea regarding Memory Management which might be relevant.

    It's also addressing the issue of the currently not customizable layout-to-layout loading process that is causing a lot of trouble for the more advanced types of games, which unfortunately even the recommended 3rd party unloading plugin currently can't deal with.

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