How to destroy enemy by the player jumping over its head ?

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  • hi,

    search the forum befor post

    already posted here

    do it easy by adding:


    YourSprite..> falling (on falling)



    I've searched well before posting the question and the solution you mentioned didn't work when the player touches the enemies sideways while falling. But Thanks : )

    I'm offended, thanks

    Offended by me? I'm sorry buddy, but I have said nothing bad or rude. Have I ?

    Sorry, anyways.

    you might find your answer in this tutorial

    Thanks, insightful article (y)

    The jump built in works only if the player is on the ground, to do a bounce, use instead:

    Set vector Y (set it to a negative value, for exemple, the basic jump is equivalent to set vector y to -self.platform.JumpStrength)

    Thanks a ton! Worked perfectly

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  • lol

    didn't read the 2nd page

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