Day And Night Lighting Issues

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  • Whatsup peeps

    I am here because I need some help with a few things.I am making a 2d sidescroller game similar to terraria and I am wondering how to create night time.

    I am able to code everything else but i dont know how to create the actual night time effect.

    What I really want to do is make torches in this game and im pretty much lost when it comes to this style of lighting effects.

  • post your capx and ill add you my system

  • burningcake

    Is it possible that you could just fill me in on the info on how to make it happen.I really cant upload my caps from my tablet I only get so much time to ask for help usually when im on the go.

    If you could make a sample capx file for me I could download it to my dropbox. I want to thank you for replying to me I have been losing my mind trying to figure out how to make this happen.

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  • I would look into effects to create different mood without having to create different versions of your assets. You can use effects to darken or change the color of the whole layout

  • OP

    the cheapest and most quick way would be to build two layers with decent effects ( like transparent BGs and colors / adjust some opacity) and the let em fade in and out after some time...

    thats the fastest way i can imagine

  • burningcake

    Thank you guys,But one thing im not understanding is how to make this work.The way you guys are telling me is in a way like I know how to implement this.I really am lost when it comes to the lighting and I have failed to find just one capX example of someone using HTML lighting logically in a game scenario.

    I have my sun and moon programmed I just dont know how to make darkness and make torches

  • Can someone help me out with this issue?

    I dont really feel good about asking someone to make an example file for me but if you do I can maybe pay you some money in return for helping me out,I wouldn't ask if I wasnt so stumped on how to make this happen. Thanks everyone

  • Take a look at my own project for details on how do a day and night system, including the timing (how it switches from morning, mid-day, dusk, and night), and the shading for morning, dusk, and night.

  • LaDestitute

    Thank you for helping me out man!!! I owe you big time. If I have another question is it ok to ask you?

  • Sure, go ahead.

  • LaDestitute

    This is an awesome example and I want to thank you for showing me this but it does not show me how I can achieve some kind of night time effects similar to Terraria,I want to have torches in this project of mine but i really am lost when it comes to this.I looked around for something similar in the tutorials but there is nothing. Thank you once again friend I just wish I could figure this out.

  • TheNewGuy

    you are not making it very clear, what it is you want. I looked at terraria on youtube and don't see what you mean exactly.

    I think you just want to add a darker layer on top and using blend-modes make sprites attached to your torches to see the layer beneath as if it isn't darkened.

    Her's a (not so very good) example, it's just to show what can be done, please look at the blendmode-example provided with C2 to learn more about blendmodes:

    Very simple and bad example

  • LittleStain I apologize for not telling you more information but littlestain I am really a noob when it comes to this and not everyone can learn the same way.What do you do when you have no experience at all in game making? I just ask other people like yourself, some people get mad at me and some help me but i have been beaten down because of my lack of knowledge so much it really sucks.

    I just wanted to know how to implement a day and night feature that has working torches similar to terraria. Nobody has this in a game that ive seen thus far

  • Is the example I made not what you want?

    If not, could you please tell me what you'd like to be different?

    In terraria it looks like they use this or a similar technique..

    they darken everything on the layout except for a little area around the torches.

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