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  • I've almost got the "Dash" complete. The problem the "Player" is having is that he will still jump with the max speed of the "Dash" if I choose to jump within 1 second after the "Dash" animation is finished.


    WASD - to move

    shift - to dash

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  • Looks like the issue is you reset the speed with On animation "Dash" finished, but if you switch to another animation, then Dash doesn't "finish" - it was preempted. If you set the speed on the other keyboard events, it should work fine.

  • I accidentally sent an older file. I tried without having it on there and it's better, but not what I want. Read my first post again and try it once more if you don't mind.


  • Do you want the player to dash for a fixed amount of time even if they jump or attack? Or do you want the dash to end when the player jumps? For the first, create a timer that sets the speed back to normal after a certain amount of time. For the second, have a 'dash animation not playing/trigger once' event to set the speed back to normal.

  • I'm not sure how familiar you or anyone else is with the Megaman X series, but just how the dashing is done on there is what I want.

    If the "player" attacks I want to have a "dash attack" implemented. I just haven't put it in yet.

    If the "player" jumps during the "dash" then I want the jump animation to play as it is doing now, but to continue having the speed of the "dash" until landed.

    Also if the "player" is dashing to the right and then decides to press left I would like it to end the dash and have the "player" start running to the left just as if they pressed left and never dashed.

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