Damage calculations?

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  • Oh good, the reason theres so many actions and events already is because I gotta do stuff like make the character stay in place or slow down when attacking, have animations not override each other, and some of the enemies stuff like getting the text to read it's HP and following it around.{I'm out of events to edit, so I won't be able to tinker with getting the HP to read that individual dragons HP instead of lowering the HP of all dragons in the level simultaneously. Some of the art is work in progress, like the title screen, {The four displayed are the playable characters you can choose from in the game. Each representing a different style of play. So far two are implemented, the other two would be on the next screen by scrolling right or left in the selection.}

    NYT{Name pending, but making the logo was fun. The game name will probably be RYT.}From the big list of characters you see, those 4 were picked from. It would take a lot of manpower and hours to make all of them in a relatively short amount of time. Right now, it's just me making all the art.

    Who would you have picked if it was only 5?{I'm adding a secret character later.}The sprites themeselves are twice as big as in the game, but I resized them to fit a 480x320 enviroment. By keeping it at those dimensions, do I ensure a smoother running game? Will doubling the pixel size of everything and making the resolution greater result in lag and a game unfit for html gaming?

    The still title art was suppose to be the selection screen split four ways, with the character icon changing when you selected them, like in the sketch, but I ended up using the half screen icons like you see in the game now.

    Edit: If you press the left arrow on the screen, you will see the energy bar deplete, which will replenish itself when you let go. I was testing out the energy system, and the HP system is already working as well, which is hogging up a lot of events that led to me reaching the 100 event limit too quickly. The girl has no attack, only the Knight does, by pressing the red button. He will do about 4 damage total per slash, which is the result of his attack*technique/enemy defense!! Thanks again for helping me implement it! I just started using this game engine like a week ago after hearing about it a while back and dowloading, but not trying it out until now.

    EDIT2: My links were removed. 0 _0 Well if you are still interested it's Franco (dot) netnau (dot) net, thats where you can play the game. For the big image, right click and select new tab or window and zoom in.

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