How do I make a custom jump arc?

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  • Hey. I'm making a game where movements are snapped to a grid, so each movement is the exact same distance. I'm using Rex's Move-To plug in to handle moving left and right (16 pixels at a time), but I can't get a nice fixed jump using it (or I can't figure out how anyway). Any ideas?

  • Would it work to use a "dummy" sprite for the movement and an animation-sprite for the jumping?

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  • I don't mean to say you should animate the jump, although you could, but for example:

    The dummy sprite is used for the grid movement.. you could use this as a kind of shadow also, because it's always on the floor..

    The animation-sprite (which could consist of a single frame) is moved in the y-direction based on the percentage of the distance travelled between start and endpoint of the moveto action..

  • Hmm... Don't think I follow you. Would that work for jumping up platforms?

  • Without a better explanation on what you want to do exactly and/or an example either in capx or maybe visual, this is my best answer..

    You are talking about grid based movents using the move to behaviour, so I guess that part is working..

    Jumping on platforms would consist of first knowing when to do that (creating the conditions) and secondly attaching the right actions to do it..

    I'm sure it can be done if the wanted effect/actions are clearer..

  • I'll give it a try, chap. Thanks for the help!

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