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  • I'm currently tasked with the creation of a simple Christmas themed horizontal shooter game as means of marketing a few online stores.

    The player will have to collect a number of parcels and avoid nasty gremlins as well as trees.

    Every 8 parcels players will receive a new voucher which is only shown to them if they either lose or win the game.

    The game logic works great so far and I made sure that parcels are randomly generated. There's also a Christmas star that, when catched, will award a single extra life. Here's the thing though: How do present the player with a custom game-over screen?

    Let's say the gremlins caught him at 8 parcels. He should, obviously, get to another game-over screen than those who made it to 16 parcels.

    Is there any way to define this?

    Like: if player collides with gremlin = destroy player

    if playerscore 8 = go to layout GameOver1

    if playerscore 16 = go to layout GameOver2

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  • + if playerscore < 8
    --> go to layout GameOver0
    + if 8 =< playerscore =< 15
    --> go to layout GameOver1
    + if playerscore => 16
    --> go to layout GameOver2

    ... where 'playerscore' is a global variable. For the second condition you can use the System condition "Is between values".

  • Thanks.

    But how do I connect this with the gremlins/player defeat?

    I figure I'll have to use a On destroyed event for the player character. But what then?

    EDIT: Ok. I think I got it now.

    It's somewhat hackish but should do it for now.

    I created a new layout to which players will be moved upon defeat. From there, I set up the events the way you said.

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