Custom Font Problem

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  • A way to force the webfont is to adjust the fontsize or make the text object turn invisible/visible.

    Perfect example that works with webfonts in node-webkit is:

    Start of Layout

    Set Web Font "NAME" from "CSS FILE"

    Set TEXT invisble

    Wait 0.01 Seconds

    Set TEXT visible

    Make sure you import the CSS file and font(s) into the project files.

    Doing this on the loader layout should pre-load the font for the rest of the game as it's already downloaded and such.

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  • As Thndr said, this is a possible fix, yeah.

    Yesterday, I did some experiments with custom fonts and their loadings, and I gain to something similar:

    • Set Web Font "xxx" from "xxx.css"
    • Type some text into a textbox (you can have it colored with the same color as the background os something similar not to be shown at this point)
    • Remove the string (Set text to "") (and change the color of the textbox if you need).

    Anyway, seems like there are lot of workarounds depending on each project, so, nice :).

    Thanks everybody.

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