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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to create a new game from the assets I have. After I import my animation which is made up of a character sprite in a 360x360 frame, I crop all the frames. The problem is that Construct crops them differently even though they're almost identical (since it's a standing animation. One frame has the top cut off, while another has the bottom cut off which makes the origin point different for each one. Is this normal?

    Also, even though I have selected 720p 16:9 as the game size, the game preview is always stretched bigger. How do I view it at 1:1 scale?


  • Are the cropped areas blank? I think C2 just checks which are transparent (no sprite in that area) and try to crop each frame to as smallest rectangle it can fit.

    I'm not sure about the question about 720p so I won't answer it.

  • Yes, but it also seems to leave transparent sections either at the top and bottom different for each sprite making setting the origin points no longer a simple process.

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  • I'm not sure about the leaving transparent sections uncropped, but the origin points really change. It happens to me as well as everybody. Technically, the hotspots don't change their position at all. It's the image of the sprite that changes position when cropped that forces us to have to readjust the hotspots for every frame. I would suggest you find a software specifically for making animated GIFs (with transparent background) and animate/crop your sprites there and just import the animated GIF in C2 then set the hotspots just once, apply to all frames.

    edit: try clicking crop 2-3 times, or you might be referring to transparent sections that really can't be cropped (because C2 just crops your image to the smallest possible containing rectangle). If you make a diagonal line, it will leave a lot of transparent areas because C2 can't crop your image (diagonal line)

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