Creating Maximum Movement Indicators on a Board

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  • Damnit vee41, I was trying all sorts of complicated things and all you did was fix things by removing one line...

  • Well that was my mistake, so it was easier for me :)

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  • Lol, sounds like the hammer story. (Original is ship engine)

    A business owner is horrified to discover one morning that her company?s server is broken. Won?t boot up, won?t turn on. She calls a computer repair expert to come out and see what he can do.

    The expert shows up, looks at the machine carefully, and even gives it a careful listen. He runs his fingers lightly on the side of the computer, and then taps it with a small hammer. The computer starts right up, the business owner is happy, and the expert goes away.

    Two days later, the expert?s bill shows up. ?Computer repair, $500,? it says.

    The business owner calls up the expert, angry. ?$500?! All you did was tap the computer, and you charged me $500?! I need to see an itemized version of your bill, to see why you thought that was worth $500.?

    Two days later, the new bill arrives in the mail. ?Tapping the computer with a hammer, $1. Knowing where to tap it, $499.?

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