How do I create a video player?

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  • Hello,

    I'm setting up a linguistic experimental task with Construct 2. At the beginning, I have a layout with 2 pages of instructions (you can try it out here :

    The first page is just text, you can click the "suivant" button (= "next"). On the second page, I want to display an instruction video. So I recreated a very simple video player. Everything is functionnal except one thing: the slider bar I used to show the progression of the video. Here is what I did :

    When the video is paused, it works perfectly. The problem is when the video is playing, I cannot use the slider bar dynamically to jump to a specific time of the video. From what I understand, it is because event 12 will always immediately "erase" event 13. I have tried many combinations to avoid that issue, but I am out of ideas. If anybody can help me, that would be very appreciated.


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