How do I create User generated contents?

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  • Hi guys,

    In my game, I would like to give the opportunity to the Players to create challenges that they can post on a server for other Players.

    Depending on their success, they earn XP - Currency and even Legendary Items.

    Do you know if we have a tutorial that could explain how to create a Map for example and post it for other players?

    It could be anything, non necessary a map. What I am looking for is how to share game content generated by players for other players.

    Is it possible with CS2?


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  • Hi guys,

    Probably, my question was to vague.

    I would like to add a Multiplayer Turn Based aspect in my game, like a Chess Game.

    I found this tutorial

    Multiplayer Tic-tac-toe [C2][Web2py(Python)][AJAX][Cross-domain] ... ain/page-1

    However, I don't want to be real time. I would like the First Player does all his moves and then, posts it to the "WEB" so, other Players can try to beat it.

    Depending on the result, both Players will receive rewards.

    Which 1st step do you consider me to do?

    Which other tutorial do you think I should look at?

    My Multiplayer programming skill is almost null, so any tutorial references will help me a lot.

    Even a Step by Step to look at will help me.

    Thanks again

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