How do I create two finger touch and line pointing

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  • Hi,

    I'm developing an IOS game. In the game, a user must prevent a ball from exiting the boundaries of the screen. To prevent the ball from exiting the boundaries, the user must interact with the ball to bounce it away from the screen by placing his/her finger on the screen at the point the user would like to bounce the ball away from.

    Here, I got two problems: one, I wanna show the path of the ball by creating a line of path below the ball. I have a green path sprite.

    Two, I wanna use second finger at the same time the first finger is in touch with the screen to bounce the ball away from, which means I wanna use two fingers at a time.

    I'm not sure how make these work. Please help.

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  • I somehow managed to get the 'two finger touch' thing work but when the second touch input is given the object is being created only at the first finger. Object should be created at the touch of first finger and when it's still in touch, I wanna create second object at the touch of second finger.

    Anyone knows a solution?

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