How do I create a swing in the ball

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  • Let me decipher the teory visually

    Half distance in perspective is not equal to half distance over top view. This mean that the relative distance in screen is not linear but in curve theoretically that also apply to the change size of ball as well.

    That's it for now. Hopefully will get back with real sample.

  • Wow! Cool, Interesting. alextro I will wait



    And also if you check this video below exactly at 01.00 in the video, the player swings the kick with a curve, the ball swings. Is it possible in C2? alextro

    Even in this way in a single angle, can we create that swing in the ball

  • work it out with this demo

  • Thanks Lordshiva1948 but the ball has to come down again. Maybe I should quit this straight angle and try with some other angle. I will try that pheww..

  • animator no do not quit. If you do than you will always give up. Take my advice and think how you can bring the ball down. Remember what your teacher taught you what goes up must comedown. Don't give up

  • try this

  • Bear with me to get through all the steps sample by sample. This time I investigate first how to make sure the size & the distance consistent through those three viewpoint. Currently you just can only drag the side_ball, but another ball adjust their position correctly.

  • alextro sorry for the late reply. I was out of reach.

    Wow great split up. I see how the way you did it.

    How to bring the bounces from the side ball to the main perspective view? - this I found in the forum sample for a paper toss. It has invisible sprites enabled as a distance ground once it passes that height. I wonder if there is an alternative for this method as C2 has 2D viewport.

  • Current progress I finally revealed how to bring everything into perspective. Position, elevation. bouncing, even shadow that gave a visual cue to the ball. My method more like simple cartesian that compare coordinates then match them visually.

    Next update will deliver swipe control in perspective view, or should I drop recent progress right on?

  • alextro no no don't drop it, please continue

  • alextro any update on that bounce mate?

  • Oh here an update to the core mechanic. There are some rooms for improvement, moving toward perfection.

  • Cool mate, It looks better. smooth. let me know when you have a next update.

  • alextro Nice demonstration. Good work. I believe it will help many users here.

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  • Sure, I will add banana kick motion that determine by gesture (touch speed, angle) and hope that will bring intuitiveness to the control.

    Thank's for your kind words

    I may put a preview in next post that come with an update.

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