How do I create soccer teams with players having instance v

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  • Well you said it yourself you have two tables so that two array. let say if Bob on selection you want to know his value. First we need to ask how are we selecting Bob. Then next how do you want to visualize his stats. For now lets start with the basic with just numbers.

    So if say you are doing Mouse over Bob, next add his name to a variable

    subevent and this will just be blank with the action setText to (,2))

    The 'Array' Is the name of the database that you want to pull the data from

    the indexof just help find a matching value in a X coor

    Pay close attention to the parenthesis for.

    Pay close attention to where variable is because where you have the variable is place is where you will usually do objectname.variable

    Its important to tell us how you visualize the end product because without a clear goal we cannot figure out what you want but that above is just an example. Try it out. Also try exploring a bit by yourself write down what you want and ask your self how in the most logical way am i going to tell myself to do these action.

  • Thanks Gearworkdragon I visualize this as these all players and there stats are set in an array and then I want to show them on different places a table will show Team A another will Show different and all players will be presented by the team name . Thanks for your answers

  • Thanks for help!

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  • This problem is solved!

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