How do I create realistic splash?

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  • Hi. I would like to create in game realistic, randomly generated paint-like splash. So for example when you throw pain balloon it will splash against the wall. But I would like to use method that wont eat up all the resources. Is there a solution to it? Anyone tried it?

  • The easiest way to do it is to have a number of different pre-made splashes.

    Just create a new splash, set the frame to a random one (disable animation of course). And maybe randomize the size/rotation as well.

  • Yeah, this method wont work for me unfortunately. I need C2 generated splashes due to how the game works and when splashes are generated...

    Thanks for suggestion though.

  • Simplest way I know is to create a sprite that has your splash animation at the point of contact with the water. You throw a rock and it touches the water. at that moment create a sprite at x=Rock(X) Y=Rock(Y) and have it play the splash animation. Then destroy the sprite after the animation.

    Or with a balloon hitting the wall, same idea only you could just have your balloon stop at the point of contacting the wall and just play the popping animation and then destroy it after that has run

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  • Maybe there's a way to use particles in combination with physics. I'm not an expert so I'm not going to make you an example but it's doable.

  • Maybe you could check Paster and Canvas plugins. Do you have any image from the hoped result?

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