How do I create objects by level?

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  • I have been trying to figure out how to spawn objects from a family based on an in-game variable. In theory, as the score goes up, the level increases and different objects spawn from a single moving spawner. I just cant figure out how to choose the object from the family that i want to spawn

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  • If you have multiple objects for each level and want to choose a random object from that level selection, then I would have a family per level and use code along the lines of:

    If level = 1 | Spawner spawn family1

    If level = 2 | Spawner spawn family2


    Spawning from a family automatically chooses a random object.

    If however you want to spawn a specific object, then the family doesn't help you so much and you're better off using:

    If level = 1 | Spawner spawn object1

    If level = 2 | Spawner spawn object2

    In Construct 3 you can spawn objects by name, which allows you to reduce the total number of events but in C2 you have to call object spawns in separate conditions or use a 3rd party plugin.

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