How do I create an object on another layout?

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  • One way to do it would be to use global variables..

    Set them to a specific value and on the new layout, if the global variable is that value, create an object..

    Can you please show me an example of this from the event sheet.

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  • You are aware that this post is 5 years old?

    Answering your question - you can't create object on another layout. But you can "schedule" it using global variables. So when that another layout starts, check the global variable and create objects if needed.

    For example, in the main menu player chooses game difficulty. If difficulty=Hard, then you want to create some zombies when the level starts. So you can add a global variable ZombiesToCreate=0. When player selected hard difficulty, set ZombiesToCreate=10.

    On start of the Level1 layout do

    Repeat ZombiesToCreate times : System create Zombie...

  • Perfect Thank you

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