How do I create an ingame shop?

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  • So I'm just started with construct 2 (obviously) and I have found it is an amazing program.. I've created better "games" in a few hours of working with it than I ever did whilst trying to program. Anyways.. though I did find some tutorials, not many included this feature of an ingame shop (and the one that did was a lot more complicated than it need to be) anyways I just wanted some critiques and tips on the shop I just coded for.

    this is just for learning purposes, I know it doesn't really look like a game yet.

    A couple of issues:

    -When the "nose" animation is started it places the player back at the starting position...

    -The money text doesn't look very good, not sure how to set it up differently (would just put it as scroll to rather than pin it to the player)

  • Are your "nose" animation point and your "nose" object related?

  • nope. because i destroyed the nose object I figured it was the easiest to create the animation rather than getting the nose object back to be pinned to the player in the perfect spot... but please, I am interested in other methods to achieve this same goal

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  • I like the add -1 to total money, looks much cooler than subtract 1 from total money..

    I see no reason for the player going back to the starting position when playing the "nose" animation.

    Are the origin points on your animations consistent?

    The text-object is a dom element and isn't really that well equiped for animation/moving as canvas-rendered elements..

    I would suggest using a spritefont-object for any ingame/moving text..

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