How do I Create file to be read/write across multiple games

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  • I'm wondering what would be a good file system to use, so that 2 different types of games can read the same data. So far I've not seen a way to make a game write to XML, but if its doable, then I can possibly run with that. If anyone knows how to write to xml with C2 events please let me know.

    Main goal is to create a linked system of smaller games to connect, to form a larger expansive game.


    For instance, John buys "Farmer's Delux". Sally buys "Store Tycoon".

    I want to let John sell the wool from his sheep to Sally for her store. The money from Sally's store game, gets added to John's Farm game in exchange for the wool.

    These would be made as two separate buyable games, running on the same server.

    Possible with C2? Of course I know I would need server side coding as well, but I can pull that off if I can get C2 to write to a file on the server, that can be read by another game on the same server.

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