How do I Create an Experience Table

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  • Hey there,

    I am starting work on a level up system and I am looking for the most efficient way of handling this.

    I current plan is to have the players total experience in a variable and then have a bunch of if statements.

    if exp > 100 = make player level 2

    if exp > 400 = make player level 3

    if exp > 1200 = make player level 4

    and so on.

    I have a feeling there is a simpler way to do this though. Perhaps with JSON or a Dictionary or who knows.

    Any advice?

    Thank You,


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  • If all you're doing is setting a level based on exp, you don't need any JSON or Dictionary..

    I'd say what you're doing is fine (it's pretty simple already). If you really wanted, you could figure a single formula that would do all that. but the only difference would be how many lines of code it took..

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