How do I create database and use it?

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  • I would like to create database with:

    1 question,

    3 answers (only 1 answer is correct)

    level of difficulty (let's say 1 - 2 - 3)

    Then I would like randomly pickup question + answers,

    and those questions should not repeat during game session

    so for example:

    somebody choose difficulty level 1,

    so he get random question from level 1

    somebody choose difficulty level 2,

    so he get random question from level 1 and level 2

    and so on

    Then user select answer,

    and if it's okay, he get some points

  • Ohh, I did something like this the other month for a quiz game I'm making. Took ages, and that amount of data really slowed down C2.

    I ended up using arrays, and in the end it worked great. I had some numbers shuffle at the start with no repetitions. Very hard to explain I'm afraid. What's your Skype? I'll send you my project. It might not be exactly what you want as I took out the shuffle part because of a feature of my game.

  • I just sent you PM

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  • I hope I'm not being rude jumping in like this but I do have a similar question regarding arrays and databases but with sprites while keeping the memory usage under check too.

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