How do I create a custom character ?

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  • I want to make the main character to be customizable. It will have a custom body, custom eyes, custom mouth and an accessory (hat, glasses, ribbon, tattoo ... etc).

    How do I do this ? It has something to do with image points or should I use Spriter ?

  • Its hard to say without seeing your capX file,You should learn how to use The Pin behaviour along with image points.

    Im not a pro but i know that sooner or later you will need to learn that

  • I don't have any ... I'm rebuilding my game from scratch. The main character is a ball (like a smiley).

  • there is various ways to do this, i think paperdolling is the easier for me because i use pixel art but, you need to have some art skills and patience

    what you have to do is draw a character without the parts you want to change, like a naked character sprite

    then on top of that sprite you start making the parts, hat, masks, shirts, pants...

    all objects need to be single image files and depending of the way you handle your project you probrably need to make those objects with all the character frames.

    afters this you can pin the parts on the character inside the engine with events. you can use both the orgin point or image points.

    spriter is better for hand drawing sprites and this kind of customization, but it share the same concept; the difference is that you can make the image point logic inside of spriter and just need to animate the character

  • I know the theory:

    1 sprite object - Body

    1 sprite object - Mouth

    1 sprite object - Eyes

    1 sprite object - Accessory

    The Body will be the one that checks for collisions.

    My question is: How do I link the Mouth, Eyes and the Accessory to the Body ?

  • you can go with the pin behavior and event pin object to body

    or you can do it with event every tick set objectio position to body

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  • Thanks <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Pin behavior with Position & angle is what I needed.

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