How do I Create automatic doors?

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    thanks, but as said, already solved and works like a charm^^

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    > > I've modified my event to alway pick only nearest doors to the player.

    > >


    > I'm sorry but I don't understand this image. Why do doors have platform behaviors and why are they simulating movement?


    they don't, they have 8 way behavior and they simulate movement to move up and down, depending on where I need them^^

    OH! Sliding doors, duh. I have a one track mind sometimes.

    that function is basically the same as distance_to_point or point_distance used by yoyogames which i shall never speek of again, this time i really mean it, sorry scirra did not mean to bring a rival company's name into this topic... won't happen again...

    I wouldn't worry about that. I know some forums try to block out words like Cocos, Unity, Blender and YoYoGames; but not here. That type of dictatorship is not something you'll see from Ashley or Tom.

    EzekielRage This should help you out man.


    Edit: Woops didn't know you already got it solved haha, well the capx is still there as an example if anyone else wants it

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