crash if i touch 2 sprite in the same time

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  • Hi everybody,

    i can't resolve this big problem:

    i exported my project for HTML5 and everywhere, if i touch 2 different sprite i have a safari's freez.

    Nothing is in relation with that sprites, that are a 3 image in 3 different frame.

    How can resolve that?

    Thanks a lot for any help

  • First, try a different browser. If that doesn't help then you're probably triggering an infinite loop. I suggest that you search through all events that pertain to touching those sprites.

    If you don't come right, post a link to your capx so we can have a look at it.

  • thanks a lot for your answer.

    I exported my project for HTML5,On Android everything works fine;on iOS (with Safari mobile) the problem persist and to close the browser i have to kill Safari and clear cookie and data.

    I can't give you my original work because is reserved, but i can give you an example with the same problem.

    I this capx there are 3 cases:


    Two sprite (black & pink) with an action associated.

    If you try to tap at the same time those two sprite, Safari freezes.

    May be because that have an action associated...but if you look the case 3...


    Two button(light blu & yelow)with an action associated:

    If you try to tap at the same time light blu & yelow, all is fine.


    Two sprite (blu & red), without any action; that are a simple image.

    If you try to tap at the same time those two sprite, Safari freezes as well

    So, i don't think is because something trigging a infinite looping, speially because in the case 3 there aren't link or action about that sprite.

    Any idea about this problem???

    I must to resolve it as soon as possible because the game is being made for a client and I have a deadline for that.

    Thanks a lot!

    Here the capx

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  • Please disable any 3rd-party plugins and re-upload your capx. Or, if you have to use those plugins, I suggest you post this problem in the plugin thread: this might be a bug.

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    Thanks a lot!!

    I tried to export without the plugin (?touch wrap?) and all my work working normally!

    I think will be useful for everybody if I give notice of this bug in his section.

    Really thanks for your support.

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