Does cranberryfacebook plugin works for IOS?

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  • CDogs1964 I understood that the cranberryfacebook plugin is working for you. For some reason it isn't working for me now. When I touch the share button, the app is redirecting to my facebook account and does nothing. It is restarting the app instead of posting the score on the facebook.

    Here are the events I defined,

    On touch share button -> cranberryfacebook -> post score on wall


    cranberryfacebook -> login

    -> post score on wall

    How did you define your events? Earlier it was working fine but recently I made changes in the events, since then it stopped working.

  • Touch: On Tap gesture tFacebook...

    CordovaFacebook: Is logined -> Function: Call Results2Facebook

    else -> CordovaFacebook: Login "email, public_profile, user_friends"

    CordovaFacebook: On login (tag "") succeeded -> Function: Call Results2Facebook

    My function Results2Facebook posts different messages depending on the mode you played and how well you did. So it just checks different information and when it finds a match:

    Function: On "Results2Facebook"

    System: GameMode = 1 -> CordovaFacebook: Publish Wall Post Link This App (with my info)

    Let me know if that helps.

  • CDogs1964 I defined the events same as you did but I'm unable to post the score on my wall. I'm able to login successfully but after logging in, the app instead to posting the score on the wall it is restarting the app. Earlier, it worked fine but now it isn't working. I'm not sure where it went wrong.

    Did you provide the testapp ID in C2?

  • Yes, App ID, App Name, and App secret.

    So it is restarting your app?

  • CDogs1964 Yes, it is. Do you have any idea to resolve the issue?

  • Without looking at it, I am not sure. There isn't a button on a layer that is not visible being touched which is causing this, right?

  • CDogs1964 I replaced the cranberrygame_facebook plugin with cranberrygame_ShareApp_2.0.17 plugin. Now, it is working fine. Now, I can even post the score to Twitter, Google+ with just one plugin.

    It doesn't require facebook App ID. It is more flexible than cranberrygame_facebook plugin, you have to try it once.

  • I am also posting images dynamically. Can you do that with ShareApp? I was actually going to post here to ask if people thought it was worth it to post to Google+. I had initially planned to do it and pulled it out after reading some articles. (I was going to use ShareApp for this.) What do you think?

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  • CDogs1964 I never tried posting images so far. ShareApp helps to post on Google+ too but it is up to you to choose whether to post on Google+ or not. So far, I posted on facebook and twitter, and I felt like Google+ isn't necessary.

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