counting from zero to a specified number in text

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  • I need to create a text effect. He is the rapid run from zero to the specified number. In this, counting must stop instant several round numbers. At the end of each level, I will be shown the score and I need to create the effect of a quick dialing the required amount of points. The player should be shown how many stars he had won, and each star is awarded for a certain number of points (1000, 5000, 10000). The actions each level has a global variable points. It displays the score, received player at a certain level for the collected coins. After each level, the player goes into a room, where he published his score, stars and awards, and then starts the next level. Can I do this effect in the text, without the help of other variables? Hope that explained understandable.)

  • Example capx

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  • this is not what I wanted. Simply put - I need a board with a score and stars as the "angry birds". The higher the score - the faster it is. For example, if it is less or equal to 4000 - every second is added to the number 1 if it is less than 4000, and if it's more for example 10,000 - every second must be added to 10. The first star is given by 500. When the text reaches this value - it should stop for a few seconds to award the player a star, and then counted again to continue. The second star is awarded for 1000, and the last - in 2000. And all that I need to make the algorithm, using as little as possible the conditions and variables.

  • Heh, I'm also looking for "Score" or "Points" counter. Any Easier method like "on start of layout"=Text"Count"to it's number.... Will be really helpful.

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