Is Construct2 right for me??

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  • Dear C2 community,

    I just joined this forum and am hoping you will be able to advice me. I am trying to decide which software program is best for the game idea that I am having.

    The game I want to develop is losely base on Life Quest 2; part dating sim, part time management, part life simulation with a protagonist being able to learn stuff and level up.

    In its most purest form it would be like a background picture of the galaxy with several planets. Clicking on these planets would take you there. (keeping track of the amount of hours or days that you travelled). That planet (represented by another BG picture) would have several places that the player can visit (click, etc. Player could buy items to use or different kind of clothing/armor that would have benefits or open up new locations on that planet.

    Graphic animations and audio would be minimal because I want to keep it as basic as possible for my first attempt in creating a game.

    I looked into Ren'py which seems not powerful enough while programs like Unity seem to be 'too much' for the things I have in mind.

    My questions:

    • Is C2 the right program for me to realise my game ideas? Or are there other programs suited better for me?
    • Could you give me some insight on what fields of C2 I should look into first /especially after I've mastered the basics?

    Thank you so much for helping me out.

    I wish you all the best and kind greetings from The Netherlands,


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  • i dont know much about life quest but as i seen so far it just look like an rpg game for me, so you need to work with a lot of variables and fancy images. should not be a big problem with C2 if you set up everything right.

    use the C2 free version and start doing your game and you will see what you can make or not.

    Somehelp full words for your project: "rpg game" "array" "dictionary" "variables" "time"

  • Economic simulators/RPG are hard to do on any engine. It's completely doable on Construct 2, but honestly, I wouldn't recommend it.

    You're better off using a "more free" framework... Unity is OK but you need to struggle a bit with 2D (not a mess, just small workarounds). If you know about coding, I'd either grab Unity, Haxe Flixel or something free that can export to anything.

    Actually, now that you mentioned it, it's doable on Ren'Py. You can set any number of variables and checks, and customize the UI to be more like an economic sim, and not a dating sim. Check games like Loren The Amazon Princess (I think), they have quite strong RPG/Economic Sim elements. Just replace that anime things with actually useful images for your game.

    Mind that Life Quest 2 has tons of "game feel/juicy" settings. I think that isn't doable on Ren'Py. If you want to have that kind of professional quality, research if the engine you're going to use allows easy integration with "tweening" (look it up). Here with construct 2 we have EasyTween. Still, I wouldn't recommend C2 for that. Ren'Py is easier, but it will feel worse.

  • Thank you for your replies and tips!


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