How do I And condition?

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  • I did this real quick so there might be mistakes, but you'll get the idea:

  • Oops zenox98 beat me to it!

  • Oops zenox98 beat me to it!


    No matter - the more the merrier

  • adamu

    Is this what you are after? (uses latest stable r216 from link at bottom of this page).Some advice: You maybe should look at doing a couple of the Platform tutorials, as the way you have chosen to do your Events is not really the best way.

    Also, your memory use is already a bit large due to the massive textures you are using.

    thanks! it worked!

    but 1 thing is missing...

    when i press only down key there is no prone state...

    i need the down key to be active as well..

  • As I recommended, you should really try some of the tutorials. What you ask is the very basics of using C2, and whilst I am all for helping others, I belive some effort should be made by the user or they will not really learn anything.

    Have a go at amending this yourself, and if you still can't do it, post what you've done so we can see where you may have gone wrong.

  • I dont know what toturial to search...

    Can you give me an direction?

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  • Any beginners tutorial should work to get a hang of the basics..

    They might not be on the kind of game you would like to make, but your understanding how to work with Construct2 and it's event/condition/action system would greatly improve..

  • I dont know what toturial to search...

    Can you give me an direction?

    You don't even really need to do the tutorial - just have a read through.

    If you click on the Tutorials link at the top, the first 2 'Top' tutorials are both by Ashley, and are definitely worth reading. You should then undrestand a lot more about how C2 works.

    Then try and amend your project to how you want.

    If you still can't do it, re-download my example which now does what you want and see if you can see the changes.

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