How do i compress my project size?

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  • jwjb - the tutorial involves importing 144 tile images. These are all saved in PNG-32 format by default, and happens to be about 9mb worth of image data. You can delete the unused tiles to reduce the file size, but to keep the tutorial simple it doesn't discuss that. If you make your own game and only import images that are actually used, it will likely be a lot smaller.

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  • Ashley, thanks Ashley, that is a good point and I will definitely "clean up" the file before exporting to HTML5 for testing learning purposes for this 'How to make a Platform game' tutorial.

    The other thing are all the other assets utilized from the free asset-bundle in the animations for the Player (Idle (10 images), IdleToRun (6), JumpFromRun (17), JumpFromStand (20), and Run (20)); SnailEnemy (16 images); etc.

    For my games, I will have to delve more into how to design characters as simply as possible to keep their animation states as minimal as possible.

    I did like the "Mirrored" technique employed in the 'How to make a Platform game' tutorial since you just have to mirror what you did on the right for the left which cuts the animation states down for all the states except for the Idle state I believe.

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