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  • Every time Right Arrow is down it's going to try and play Walk so you need to set up a condition for the first event there.

  • plinkie

    I tried and tried but it doesn't work.

    I tried searching a different keyword in the search bar in the forums and found this

    my file right now

    I followed that and I think the run is working?

    Try the 3 hit combo (press x 3 times) then try walk/run then combo again then walk/run again, at some point, the combo won't work anymore and/or you can't do anything (walk/run/jump/combo).

    Can you tell me what is the source of the bugs of my player?

    is it the "start/stop ignoring input" action?

    Oh god I feel so stupid with my problems. I really feel that way.

  • If you put a space after the I don't get a notification. The run seems to be working fine. You probably need to add some logic in to stop users pressing right, left instead or right, right. If you press right,left he will run left. This could cause errors to occur with the events you have in place. Unless this isn't a problem. I will look at the combo thing in a sec..

  • The running on the spot stuff is generally caused by moving when doing the combo. You need to lock out the pressing of arrow keys when Luffy is doing combo animations.

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  • I already have the "Start/Stop ignoring user input" in the combos.

    Those doesn't solve the "need to lock out the pressing of arrow keys when Luffy is doing combo animations." ???

    What is another way of disabling the pressing of any or certain buttons during an animation?

    can you use sgn15 in your reply as well. I want to have notifications as well

  • On the movement events, add a condition 'if not in animation Combo' etc

    I don't add sgn15 because OP is meant to receive notifications regardless.


    ok. check the movements group.

    I added 2 new attacks (Basic2 and Basic3) under Attacks group, but these 2 attacks have the same problem as the combos before (getting stuck). Did I do something wrong again?

  • sgn15

    Basic 3 gets stuck because you have On animation "Basic 2" finished instead of Basic 3

  • If you need any more minor edits help I would take this to PM with me, thanks.

  • ok. But that's not the problem I was asking.

    I have tried PM-ing you, but it says "Access Denied". need more reps

    How do you use the "Set ignoring input"?

    I have tried using:


    (Player) Is animation "Basic2" playing --> (PlayerBox) Start ignoring input

    (Player) on animation "Basic2" finished --> (PlayerBox) Stop ignoring input

    and also


    (Player) Is animation "Basic2" playing --> (PlayerBox) Start ignoring input

    (Player)Is animation "Basic2" playing (INVERTED) --> (PlayerBox) Stop ignoring input

    number 1 results:

    If I press any arrow keys while animation of Basic2 is playing, I will be stuck in my position forever.

    If I let the animation Basic2 finish before pressing any arrow key, it will be normally working (I can move afterwards like normal).

    number 2 results:

    If I press any arrow keys while animation of Basic2 is playing, my player will directly play WALK animation.

    Both are not how I wanted it to work.

    I wanted the arrow key inputs to be turned off when animation of Basic2 is playing. and the arrow keys will be turned on again when the animation Basic2 is finished animating.

  • sgn15 You could use a boolean variable "ready" that you check whenever there is input. If it is true then you proceed with the input.

    Then you could set it to false when the character is performing a complex action that should not be interrupted.

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