Is there a way to completely remove loading? If there is, how do I do it?

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  • The answer is probably no, the games use the loading time at the beggining to download all the images, and resources, and all of that stuff.

    But I am making a long game for DESKTOP and MOBILE (ANDROID, and probably iOS) with lots of sprites, musics and sfx, and the loading time is already about 20 seconds with almost NOTHING of the game completed.

    Is there a way I can load only the menu and the starting area at the beggining, and at each area have a little loading section that unloads the previous one and loads the next?

    Alternatively, is there a way to completely remove loading...? Since I am not exporting for WEB, but for desktop as an .exe and for mobile as an APK.

    Thank you for your interest in helping.

    If the answer is indeed 'no', too bad..?

  • Have you tried using loader layout? It should let you do some stuff while waiting for everything to load.

    Also do you have preload sounds project setting turned off? If not it might help.

    Another thing is I'm not sure if project files or things in localstorage add to the load time since they do have separate on load complete triggers after requesting them so you might be able to do something like use load image from URL to replace some existing images but I don't think that'd be very useful for animations(though if you have lots animations that would suit it you might be able to reduce the load time by using Spriter to create the animations)

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  • Second, I don't want to critically reduce memory usage.

    And First (wait, did I mess it up?), I do use Loader Layout to have my custom Loading Screen to mantain the players entertained while the game is loading.

    I think that you are suggesting to make the first layout a loader layout, right? That'd be cool, and I tested.

    My first layout is the Menu, and if I click 'New Game' too quick it won't even have a layout to go into. Now it does cut the loading time drastically but that's not what I asked for...

    I don't actually want to reduce loading time, I want to know if it is possible to:

    1. have loading sections between areas inside the game instead of one big loading at the beggining; That would load the layouts, like, the levels of a certain area. (I use pretty much the same images troughout the whole game. There are some new ones that appear at later points in the story but that's not actually a problem or anything.)


    2. have no loading sections at all. For example, Undertale and Deltarune don't have a loading screen. Of course, they were created with GameMaker Studio; but I wanted to know if I can do something like that in c2. Like, I won't export my game to the INTERNET, I will export it to Desktop as '.exe', and to mobile as '.apk'. so the files all the files will actually be already at the player's computer, and won't need to be downloaded from a server.

    If it is not possible, i wanted to know WHY NOT? Like, how do Construct2 load the images and sounds, and layouts?

    And It's ok if I'd actually need third-party methods to accomplish that.

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