How do I Compare Vars in an Action

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  • Hi guys.

    I have this Event

    I have two Global Variables:LEVEL,HIGHSCORE

    how i can make that comparison as an ACTION?

    When i try to set an Action i cant see the "Compare Variable" you can see in the pic, i can do it but in a Event level...

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  • I think you can use the operators:

    =, <>, <, <=, >, >=, & (and), | (or) in expressions, for exemple:

    Set local key: "SavedSkore" to (LEVEL > HIGHSCORE ? HIGHSCORE : "0").

    Will set the local key "SavedSkore" to HIGHSCORE if LEVEL is superior to HIGHSCORE, else, it will set it to 0 (it is just an exemple)

    you could also use a function, have the comparison done inside the function, and return a different value depending on the value ( function.Call() will execute a function, and return it's return value)

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