Which comes first - the ad or the app?

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  • OK, so this is another opportunity for me to prove how little I understand...

    I've just managed to get my head around setting up AdMob and MoPub to show ads via CocoonJS (this was a frustrating and unintuitive process even with the awesome help of Syzmek's tutorial - I think I aged a couple of years setting it up). That was easy, though, because my free app was already on Android so I could easily reference it in AdMob. Now I want to release an ad supported version of my app on ios (I only have a paid version there at present)...

    How should I go about this - am I missing something here? As I understand it, this is what I need to do:

    1. Submit app to iTunes and wait 1 week or so for approval.

    2. Select app in AdMob and set up monetization.

    3. Set up MoPub referencing the AdMob details.

    4. Add MoPub info into CocoonJS cloud compiler.

    5. Compile the app and submit it to iTunes - wait 1 week or so for approval.

    6. Oh, hang on, how can step 5 be step 1?

    To those that have done this already, do you first submit a free app to iTunes and then add the ads for a version 1.1 or is there some way of submitting the app for limited distribution that will still allow it to be registered by AdMob?

    Thank you for not judging me...

  • Delete step 1. You submit your app when it's finished.

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  • - thanks for the response.

    But how do I select the app inside AdMob if it doesn't yet exist in iTunes.. do I use the "add your app manually" button inside Monetize New App? Sorry for the basic questions but I've learned it's better to be cautious than try and undo a huge mistake later.


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