How do I combine sine and custom movement?

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  • Hi,

    I wanted to make a platform that moves left/right but without using the platform behavior (as I use physics and those two don't go along well). So, I decided to track the movement of the platform using custom movement behavior and use a sine to make it go left/right. However, the dx and dy (under the custom movement tab)are shown as 0 even if the platform is moving left/right (as a result of the sine behavior). I want to set the player dx to be its own + the platform.

    Anyone knows how to make them show or track them (or another alternative that supports physics)?

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  • No no,, What u need is change the sine properties.. If you dont know where it is , it is at your left screen when you click the sprite. Set the magnitud to 50.. This one is a test you can change it at your will and other one is in the properties to but it is a list of vertical , harizontal .....etc

    click harizontal

  • What I need is the ability for my character to move along with the platform (left and right) and ideally while the platform has a sine that allows smooth transition, but since he uses physics and not platform behavior, things are a bit more complicated. My main issue is that I cannot track the platform's speed.

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