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  • Hello again ^^

    SO I was trying to make a character to collide with certain objects. For example, I have a sprite and 2 different boxes(which are also sprites).

    if my character is colliding with a box and it will prompt with a message saying something like "Press Button to Interact". I altered the event sheet and it was just fine.

    The event sheet looked like:

    Sprite| On Collision with box_1 => Call Prompt_Function()

    Sprite| Is Overlapping with box_1 =>

           >Keyboard| On E Pressed => Call Second_Function()

    It was working somewhat fine.


    Now I tried putting a second box in the layout.

    When I altered the event sheet in order to detect whether or not it was colliding. So I just copy-pasted the code for the first box and changed the object. However it somewhat bugged out i think,

    It wasn't showing any prompts or anything, what's the problem???

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