Code from 1 layout usable in another?

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  • Hello,

    Well I wasn't sure as to what may I need to search to hit upon my requirement, however all that I found didn't seem matching either.. I may surely be missing something, so thought of asking directly.. So basically, I'm working in different layouts currently, and would like to know as to how can I make the code from Layout 1 - Event Sheet 1 applicable to all the different Layouts.. ex :

    I've added a Crouch control behavior in the Layout 1 - Event Sheet 1. After player moves into Layout 2, I want him to keep using the behavior he gained from Event Sheet 1 and not instead rely on the code appearing in Event Sheet 2.

    Please re-direct me if needed to another thread or something similar..

    Thanks in advance

  • You can include event sheets:

  • Hi,

    I am using event sheets.. different event sheets for different layouts.. thing is everytime I want to repeat the moves on any other level, I have to keep copying the code there.. I am not sure if I am being clear.. need I elaborate more? Let me know..

  • Ooohhh having read your link, it kinda makes sense.. just need to try this out..

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  • Ok, no prob! In my opinion it's best to make one "universal" event sheet where all the events that are relevant to all layouts run. Then it's easy to include that one to all the other where different events are needed.

  • I completely see your point.. and this is indeed quiet helpful.. much appreciated! Might re-structure my complete project

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