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  • Ok. i am a hands on kind of guy so before i get into building i am learning alot by doing.

    so i made a simple little thing and exported it to cocoonJS and compiled it.

    I put the debug on my phone and....

    Powered by Ludei....then nothing. Just blackness...then if i hit the menu button it says are you sure you want to exit?

    anyways is there any dummy checks that should be checked that will cause this??

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  • rdlew2008

    1)check you have scale inner or scale outer in c2.

    2)you see blackness?you dont see even c2 logo when loading the game?if not change the option in c2 menu.

    3)where you loading you game from?via net or you have the zip file in your sd card?if you follow the first method i recommend the second cause i also have some problems in the start.

    so put your zip file from cjs export in sd of your phone.and load it.At least youll see c2's logo when the game is loading.if you dont even see that theres another problem.try to upload the capx it will really helps.And i see what the problem is.

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