Cocoon and user media?

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  • I've read the User Media runtime.js, and it seems that it doesn't work on cocoonjs. Is this correct?

    If one would try to write a plugin to get access to a camera on cocoonjs, would it be possible to use the:

    CocoonJS.Camera.startCapturing(0, 50, 50, 30);


    methods to get access to a camera? (Methods from here)

    Cheers, and thanks for all the responses!

  • It seems special API for cocoonjs that C2 didn't implement yet

  • Yup, it seems that it isn't supported yet...

    I wonder would it be straight forward to implement these methods (functions? whats the proper name?) in a third-party plugin or are there any limits regarding C2 engine and/or Cocoonjs engine?

  • It's up to Ashley about UserMedia Plugin it should add extra API if is on CocoonJS platform. He said he can keeping implementing CocoonJS api while the docs are up.

  • It's really annoying when wrappers diverge from the standards. In this case IIRC I reviewed the features CocoonJS provides, and it simply didn't cover all the features of the User Media object. I think it couldn't take a snapshot, and when I tried it the video feed was rotated 90 degrees. Supporting two incompatible APIs with different feature sets is time consuming and a really quick way to make the code a huge unmaintainable mess. Making a separate plugin for a specific platform also defeats the write-once-run-anywhere approach. So in situations like this I prefer not to support it at all and encourage CocoonJS to support the standards. You could make a third party plugin but I think it might be missing enough features to make it useless.

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  • Cool, thanks for the detailed answer and clarifying things up, when (if) i make some test, and get some decent results i'll post in forums.


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