Cocoon io doesn't support Construct 2 Anymore

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    > > For the record, if you're using Canvas+, we've not officially supported that since early 2015. It's kind of surprising if it still even works at all.

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    > Would it be possible to add a toggle between using WebGL and WebGL 2?


    I've not seen any evidence that is actually the problem. It could have been something else in r240.

    C2 has a very straightforward fallback to WebGL 1: if canvas.getContext("webgl2") returns null, try canvas.getContext("webgl"). So the only way WebGL 2 could have broken it is if they provide a broken WebGL 2 context. In which case, it's clearly a bug in their platform.


  • Andy over at Cocoon io is saying it still works with Construct 2 240 and up.

    He's saying that Cocoon io is working. idk whats wrong, it's still messed up with the black screen.

  • Phoenixbowman When you build in cocoon Io have you tried compiling at 2.0.0 instead of 2.1.0 doing this helped me out and I'm using r244.

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  • Cocoon is a rip off anyway. They only let you do 2 games of 50mb then you have to pay. They also disable the delete project buttons so you can't update or start new ones without paying. You can't even delete your account without contacting them. Fuck cocoon.

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