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  • Hi everyone,

    I just started to learn using website and things are going pretty well. I could manage to build both for Android and IOS and also Add Admob Ad for android. The only problem I have here is IOS. Admob doesn't seem to be working with IOS build. The game never shows any ads.

    I use native cocoon ads and ad the plugin from cocoon webstie as Admob SDK for IOS like I do for Android.

    I use like load banner and load intersttial ads on start of layout.

    And I use show cocoon ads. Am I missing something here?

    My events are mostly like When Life < 0 then show cocoon ads interstitial.

    Or at the end of layout I create a reward object and when player touches it it shows and interstitial. I think there is an event like on ad loaded then show kind of thing but never used it.

    I would appreciate tips on this issue. Thank You.

    Volkan Kutlubay

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