How do I make a cloud or black sky cover the layout

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  • How do I make a cloud or black sky cover the layout so you can not see enamys or the right path to take.

    like in warcrafed.

    for example thake the tank RPG on start of the layout (level) the Layout is dark execpt for where the friendlys are and when they move the darksky or clouded peace disapere and a little bit of the map(layout[Level}) is showing like in this pic ... 7980957088 so the level is dark except for where friendlys are and have traveled and the hud is showing. i hope some one knows how to do this and is willing to share. thank you BTW this is how i did it in my test it works but not how i like it to work download capx below file/d/0By4IklbpiNkwalZwb2RyVGt0LWc/ view?usp=sharing but as you can see it only disapere when on collision and not a couple tiles before collision and als you can see enamy treu the seems and its a pain to do when i whanna make big levels so i thout mabe its postible whit tiled background and use erace.

  • Pretty much what you've done except instead of on collision with the friendlybase, create a much larger invisible sprite that is pinned to the base for detecting the collision. This will then remove the darker tiles from further away.

  • Thank you plinkie that did it for the removing from the black really good.

    I do have 2 questions left do for this topic!

    1 if i run the game as i made it in above capx you will see the enamy threu the seams of the black boxes

    I fixed this by making a bigger pic of a cloud in 8 trigrame and make the corners of the cloud half transparent

    And letting them overlap but i am thinking maby this will make the game lag if i finaly finish the ipa so and its also alot of work to aply on my bigger layouts

    So the questions are how can i make it so that the chance of lag if lowest.

    And 2 is there a faster way to aply it to my big layouts the new sprites are 96 by 96 with the middle of 32 by 32 full cover the serounding part in half tranparent so middle of 32/32 full and going out to the full spire size pic becomes more transparent and then i added a ton of these pics overlapping each other

    By the way sorry for typo's i am typing on my phone ans screen is broken so i can notdo auto correct or see my typed text so good.

  • On the phone agan and i am happy to say i got it all fixed.

    I am trying to get a mic for the pc so i can make a video tut on how i made the cloud and made a cloud remover .

    So if you whant to make a cloud and you are not seeing a new reply from me with the video link please wait a day or2 more and i will post a video tut and a demo capx.

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  • Oke here is a tutorial video


    Demo capx i have to upload later because i am working with a cheap pc

    And cheap internet so uploading the capx to my google drive takes to long i have to set it to upload when work day is finished so it is done in the morning and i can post a download link

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