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  • Kyatric,

    I am at a loss my friend. I deleted the old, downloaded and unarchived just as directed.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Still the same error code.

  • behaviorS

    Your folder name isn't correct as it is now.

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  • Changed folder name to behaviors. Still the same error.

    Here is a copy of the system files for C2 I have on my computer (minus the Scirra license) so you can perhaps duplicate the error I am getting.


  • From your files, I think you're using the folder of an old version of C2.

    The html5 folder is missing some files, and should be containing "jquery-1.6.3.js", not "jquery1.4.4.min.js".

    Also your behaviors folder contains only 2 folders (2 custom one you probably added yourself).

    There you should find :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    From your screenshot I take it that you use windows vista or 7.

    I don't, so I can't guide you more into finding what's wrong.

    My guess is that you have several versions of C2 installed and that you're operating in an erroneous version's folder.

  • You're absolutely right. That was r31 in Program Files(x86) folder . r59 was under my Program Files folder.

    Worked like a charm. Thank you Kyatric.

  • May try this behavior plugin:drag & drop

    The drag&drop will pick the topmost(max zindex) instance if overlapping.

    Thank you Rex. Your drag and drop is excellent. I just need to not only be able to drag and drop an object but also to have places in the layout where if you drop the dragged object it won't allow it and will send it back to its starting point.

    Kyatric's behavior mechanic has that's just a whole lot of code to sift through. Took a couple minutes to figure out the invert symbols and how he got them so I have a bit to learn to adapt and modify to suit my needs.

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