How do I choose animation frame as different foe?

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  • Hi there,

    so after finishing the ghost shooter tutorial, I have decided to add different types of monsters. in order to do this i set three animation sprites and chose different pictures as the sprite. what I can't seem to understand is: In the event log, how do I edit the behavior of my newly created sprites so there will be efficient in game types of enemies?

    FE , if I want one of my new sprite to be faster and weaker, how do I effect only animation 1 and not 0 or 2?

    I'm doing this because I want to edit the preferences and not copy paste them on a completely new object.

    Please please help!

  • Whatever changes your sprites, and I'm going to assume it's setting it to a random sprite when a monster is created would have a sub-event. (You can press "B" on a selected event to make a blank sub-event) You would then have 3 or so events, for 3 monsters.

    If animation frame = 0

    Set max speed 650

    This changes the monster only if it's on that frame.

    Hope this helped.

  • Picture example if my ramblings don't make sense.

  • Picture example if my ramblings don't make sense.

    That can not work.

  • >


    > Picture example if my ramblings don't make sense.


    That can not work.

    You're right, just replace the round(random(0,2)) with random(0,3). then it *should* work from my understanding.

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  • The 'round' is fine. Frames expect an integer. Plz try that code.

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