How do I check if it uses a smartphone or tablet?

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  • Hi! It's my first question.

    I am creating a new game and i need knows how do i check if it uses a smartphone or tablet, because the form of the game it is very diferent between them.

    Any idea?

    I searched this, but its didnt found anything . I ask sorry if this topic should not be here.



  • You have a condition under the system tab for on mobile device and for specific platforms.

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  • I don't think you can reliably differentiate a tablet from a phone (even from a hardware standpoint it is not that clear)

    best way would be to ask the user or make the game works the same in both modes.

  • One way to check for specific devices is to "on start of layout " do a system compare for the windowWidth/windowHeight.

    So it would be something like

    On start of layout -->

    windowWidth = 640

    windowHeight = 960 ----> set text "iPhone 4"

    windowWidth = 768

    windowHeight = 1024 ----> set text "iPad 2"

  • Thank you very much to all for responding.

    Lof, which is the tag system?

    If you can not try preguntaler the user as Aphrodite said

    If anyone else has an idea I thank

    Sorry for my little english! :=)

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