How do I check the active layout [Solved]

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  • I have a few layouts that have a shared event sheet and I want to be able to check what the currently active layout is so that 1 event can act differently based on the layout.

    I currently have a variable I'm changing in accordance to the layout swaps. It works but I doubt it will easy to keep track of when the number of layouts grow.

    something like:

    spacebar pressed

    current layout == "this layout" >> do this thing

    current layout == "that layout" >> do that thing

    Thanks for your time

  • How different are this thing and that thing?

    Is the thing different on every layout?

  • It's jumping from layout to layout.

    I'll try to explain it more specifically:

    Each layout is its own room (birds eye view) in 2 by 2 grid. When the player walks outside the layout the player will be sent do another room.

    If they are in the bottom left room layout and they walk off the top of the layout, the go to the top left room layout, but if they are in the bottom right room layout and they walk of the top of the top of the layout then, they will end up at the top right room layout.

    Like i said I currently have a variable keeping track of the layout the player is currently in but it would make things a lot easier down the line if I could just check the current layout via the shared event sheet for the event.

  • That is fantastic! Thanks a load

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  • Is there anyway I can mark this as solved? This is my first topic.

  • There's no need to explicitly mark as solved. However, if you really want to, you can always prefix something like "[SOLVED]" to the beginning of the topic title by editing the first post.

  • That's great thanks

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