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  • I know it isn't possible to make a textbox fade out. I'm wondering if anyone has a different solution.

  • You could create a textbox clone using 9patch and text/spritefont. This would be classical C2 objects that would support fading in/out. It requires some events to make them behave like a textbox does, but it should solve your problem

  • I'd need some of the features that a textbox gives such as selecting text, scrolling.

  • Hum... so a clone wouldn't work then...

    Is your textbox in front of a static background ? Could you maybe put a sprite in front of the textbox and make it fade in ?

    Or just use an HTML id and make it fade out using CSS opacity directly ? (as the textbox is a native html form element)

  • You can set the CSS of it yes, and it does respond. The next part is having it actually fade in/out. This would be great as a behavior.

  • This would in fact be great if the current "Fade" behavior worked on the textbox as it does on everything else. I tried to do a simple capx to explain how I would do it, but the most efficient way to do it would be to call custom javascript on the hosting page, that would handle the change in CSS (as I don't see how to pick an object by its DOM ID in C2)

  • I'm currently using Node Webkit. Newt posted a decent example here:

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  • Yep, just saw it in the help needed section. Nice work from Newt

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