How do I get my characters animation frames to load per hit

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  • Most people here use a Dropbox account (free) and just share the link that way.

    After watching the video, I still don't really understand what's going wrong. I mean, I see that it isn't working but I can't tell you what you did or how to fix it. My first suggestion would be to turn off line of sight. Use bullet enabled after a certain condition. Then destroy them once they are off the left side of the screen.

    Looking back at my platformer from 2014, this is how I handled my player collisions. Ignore the function for now.

  • My game has no platforms it's just a player who moves with the 8 directions and has projectiles coming at it from the right side heading towards the player. The character has animation frames titled hurt1 and hurt 2 when I put hurt1 and add in the collision and what I showed you in the video the player gets hit but because of the timer that counts down from how many seconds till the next animation the frames change to hurt 2 because of the timer even though the player did not get hit. That's all I'm having a problem with and I haven't been able to create my game for the past nine days because no one can send me a link/video/ to a solution. You just tell me I'm doing this wrong and give me no insight and when anyone does try to help it doesn't do anything. The bottles functions are fine. The player movement is fine. The background is fine. The controls for the bottles are fine. The animation frames is the problem. The system setting wait for 1.0 seconds and so fourth is the problem. I don't know what else to say. If no one can answer me can somebody at least direct me to a code free software that lets you make games other then construct 2 and gamesalad and gamemaker and corona. I been designing this entire story based game for the bitter half of five months and this issue has really slowed me down. If anyone knows the solution just tell me I'm not wasting my time to make accounts on dropbox and other websites I showed you the problem in the beginning of the video and if you pause it you can see the codeless demands I gave the software. So again if you know what to do please help me otherwise I can't continue using this product.

  • What is wrong with the example that i gave you ?

  • I did what you said but instead of the bottle hurting the duck and removing its live points one hit at a time the duck destroyed the bottles. Thanks for trying to help but I think I'll just remove the whole idea of health and have the player die in one hit

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  • The question was about the animations. Nota health.

    Here: ... Th0RTJDZWs

    Update with 2 lines.

    One to handle health on collission.

    One to (unnecessary) display that health.

  • It says the file is unsupported:/

  • Update (you always should) to last stable version.

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