How do I make my character climb a platform?

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  • I wanna make my character climb the wall like in the img below:

    How do i do it?

    Thx o/

  • managed to that. Can consider him as the specialist.

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  • lol Thanks 99Instances2Go but you meant I managed to go through all the pain

    Findu you are using the platformer behavior or you would like to do it the way old school cinematic platformers did it?

  • Well i don't think i understand the question but i'll try to answer, haha. I made 2 sprites, to make the character. One with only the img of the animations, and the other that i will order to do the actions i want. In this i put the platform behavior. But i tried to do this that i wanted, but i failed haha. I am trying to see the link above, to see if i can do it but it's a little "harder" than i think haha

  • you can post your capx file and I can guide you. I had it done in two different parts, the actual climbing up and then the climbing down. Similar to Prince of Persia, or even the image you showed from Nosferatu (which was an awesome game too!)

  • I erased everything that i tried because it didn't work. How can i even start that?

    And u say a img of the caps or the file .capx? Dunno how to put the .capx file here, but can put the img, haha

  • Just in case...this is my capx:

  • you can add your capx file on google drive or dropbox.

    But if you wanna try it before. The logic behind it is that you need a helper object placed in the corner of walls.

    And you need a new helper object attached to your Player controller object. I think yours its called Personagem if I'm right.

    So when its falling, it will have to detect that you are pressing the input and that its this new object its overlapping the one attached to a wall.

  • This might help you get a start:

    In this .capx file you have the basic concept . A helper sprite detects the ledge sprite, and if input is down, then we disable platform as long as input is being held.

    In this case I didn't add the possibility of falling. Which would be on:

    On Input released --> set playerDetect Platform Enabled

    Now, animations when climbing will have to follow at an offset from playerDetect.ImagePoint(0).

    This is just the beginning so if you need more help don't hesitate.

    Also, the reason why I asked if you wanted to replicate that game exact movement is because in games like Prince of Persia, flashback, Nosferatu etc, they use a grid like movement which is different. I have somewhere a small capx file replicating that sort of movement as well.

  • Well thx a lot, i will try this, and then i come back here to tell if i could do it or not =)

    Thx again for your help o/

  • no problem

  • Well, this is the .capx of my game. ... EFPWmFXUUE

    Hope the link works. I didn't try to do the climbin because i got confused how to start >< haha

  • This is a small start.

    I added some notes, but obviously I'll let you slowly figure out the rest. There's a couple of bugs still. I would advise you to place everything on the grids so it's easier to work with it.

    Also for the sake of clarity you should place everything into different groups for better readability.

    When jumping, press M to grab and then W to climb up.

    From here, you'll have to add the animations, and move the Image Point accordingly so it follows at an offset.

  • Ok, Thank you. I'll see what i can do. And about the groups, i know, i should have done that from the start, but i start doing little things, an then i just forgot haha...

    But thanks a lot =D

  • No problem

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