change black bars in letterbox scale mode

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  • The tutorial says that you can use a backgroud instead of the black bars, but I can't find a way to do this.   Doesnt matter where or how big my backgroud is, it still puts black bars in.

    Even if I could change the black bars to a different colour it would help. This is a showstopper, as the customer doesnt want black bars, but needs aspect ratio preserving scaling.

    I could only fine one post related to this with a partial solution with a project called SKELETON, but cant find the post again. Its close, but im not sure if its the right approach to take, or if it will work well with scaling and windows which are exactly the target size.

    Embarrassingly, I dont undestand the difference between layout size, window size and viewport. Is there a tutorial on this does anyone know?

    Has anyone writen a "letterbox-scale with custom background" plugin - I would only ever use this, it would save weeks of trial and error.

  • Window size defines how much area is used in the screen. Cutting it in half will show half the screen, regardless of layout size. Layout size is simple how big the layout is.

    Here's the post you were looking for. Next time, spend more time searching if you know the answer's there!

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  • Sorry, I wasnt looking for the post - I have the capx. Im just looking for a solution.

    If I work out how to do it I will post it.

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